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A delicate pair of earrings that combine the timeless charm of heart shapes with the intricate artistry of filigree. The heart shape is adorned with exquisite filigree patterns carefully woven together. Each delicate twist and turn of the filigree is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating these exquisite pieces.


These earrings are designed to accompany you on any occasion, from intimate gatherings to formal soirées, adding a touch of romance and refinement to your look. They are not just adornments; they're a reminder that life's most precious moments are often made up of intricate details woven together.


Maximize the look: Pair them with the Corazones Ring.

Corazon Filigree Earrings

  • Materials:

    24kt gold layer on silver





    Crafted in: Colombia